A Service For All

An Open, Inclusive, Approach. Training and Experience 

Your Local Independent Minister and Celebrant

I live in Nuneaton and usually work within 25 to 30 miles of my home town. An area which includes towns and cities in Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Solihull and the West Midlands. These are the areas in which I was born, raised, trained and worked.

Over the years I've had the very special privilege of leading a great many funeral, memorial and wedding services and I have always focussed closely upon providing a unique and very personalised approach for each family I have supported.

In funerals I work to reflect the life, experiences and character of your loved one and capture the thoughts, words and feelings of those who are remembering them. For wedding celebrations I work to shape the service specifically around you, the love you share together, your hopes, promises, dreams and aspirations. So that you, your family and friends all feel part of this most special and precious time in your life.

An Open, Welcoming and Inclusive Approach

Over the years I have worked in Industry, within the church, and as part of a charity providing support to vulnerable people. An experience which has taught me just how important it is to always be open and accepting of those around us. The more people I have met the more I have come to realise the wonderful richness and diversity of our shared human life and experiences. Whatever your beliefs I will work with you and your family to express these within the service you have chosen making it a personal and very meaningful moment in your lives. 

Training, Qualifications, and Experience

It's vital to know that, at such an important time in life, you are in the hands of someone who is trained, experienced, and professional in both their approach and ability. 

After working in industry I began my ministerial experience by working within the local church. Then went on to study Theology with the University of London and graduated as a Bachelor of Divinity. I also completed a 4 year residential Diploma in Theology with the Birmingham Bible Institute which included 2 years placement within a church under the supervision and guidance of the resident minister. I was ordained and went on to work for 10 years as a minister in a local church within the Wesleyan Reform Union (part of the Methodist faith) and was elected President of the Wesleyan Reform Union of Churches in 2004. 

Following family changes and a relocation into the Warwickshire area I left the church and joined the well known charity Age UK where I continued to work with elderly and vulnerable people within the local community linking them with the services and support they need in order to maintain their independence and improve their health and wellbeing. 

Having grown in my experience by working with people from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, faiths and beliefs, and appreciating all the more deeply the value of our diversity and differing lifestyles, I moved back into the work I love best. But this time, not attached to any particular religion, church or faith, but working in an independent capacity which affords me the freedom to accept and support all people within the local community, whatever their faith, race, creed, culture, sexuality, or personal beliefs.  

I may have been raised and trained within the Christian tradition but I believe that we are all on the same journey of life. Our paths may be different but we are all united by our shared human experience. This lies at the heart of my work and is the reason for my move into an independent and open style of ministry.