Memorial Services

Remembering your loved one when, where, and how they would wish to be remembered

A thanksgiving and Memorial Service Unique to The One You Love

For many of us a funeral service is only part of the grieving, remembrance and thanksgiving process we pass through. A memorial service can offer an opportunity to gather family and friends around you to remember and celebrate once again the very best of times you have shared with your loved one. As the memorial service is quite separate from the funeral it provides freedom from the limitations of time or structure which a Crematorium booking can entail. You are free to choose the location, time, and nature of this moment. You are also able to encompass your own, individual, way in which you wish to celebrate the times and memories you have shared together. 

People choose to hold these services for many reasons. For some it provides an opportunity, soon after the funeral service, for a less formal and more personal time of thanksgiving. This can often be at a specific place which was special to their loved one or where they shared their best times together. Others choose to have a thanksgiving and memorial service at significant times such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. Whatever your choice I am able to work with you to create the perfect celebration, thanksgiving and moment of remembrance which you and your family need. Please follow the contact tab at the top of this page if you would like to discuss your service needs further.

(Please also note that if you choose to hold a thanksgiving and memorial service at a venue which was important to your loved one you may need to contact the owners of the venue in order to gain permission for the service to take place)